Explore some of the many ways we're aligning to transform health and wellness around the globe.

Accelerate Health

It’s time for a bold approach to healthcare innovation. Get comfortable being uncomfortable with Accelerate Health: the innovation hub of ѻý.

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The ANI comprises nursing informatics individuals and groups who advance the practice of nursing informatics through a unified voice, collaborating across academia, practice, industry and nursing specialty boundaries.

The EHRA focuses on collaborative efforts to accelerate health information and technology adoption, advance interoperability, and create interoperable EHRs in hospital and ambulatory care settings at local and national levels.

Gravitate Health equips and empowers patients with digital health information and tools to make them confident, active and responsive in their patient journey, and encourages safe medicine use for better health outcomes and quality of life.

ѻý Foundation

The ѻý Foundation provides educational and professional opportunities to prepare the next generation of health information and technology leaders for the digital health workforce.

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ѻý Interoperability Showcase

The ѻý Interoperability Showcase demonstrates a global health ecosystem where standards-based information and technology enable individuals to securely access, trust, contribute to, analyze and engage with their own health data—creating connections that transform health.

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With a key focus on the patient, IHE USA drives the adoption of standards-based interoperability to improve the way healthcare systems share information for optimal care.

Immunization Integration Program

The IIP advances the inclusion of enhanced immunization capabilities in EHRs to improve the exchange of data between EHRs and IISs, improving outcomes, reducing costs and increasing clinician productivity.

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Label2Enable is an EU-funded project with the task to promote the adoption of CEN-ISO/TS 82304-2 and its quality label for health and wellness apps. Project's aim is a digital single market in which quality health apps are used at scale in prevention, health care and self-care. The project consists of seven Work Packages (WPs) and three pillars: Trust, Use and Adoption.


ܰʾٳ™ is designed to increase the voice, opportunity, and visibility of the nursing audience in the digital health ecosystem by holding a nurse-led and nurse-developed innovation competition. This comprehensive program amplifies the influence and presence of nursing professionals in the digital health landscape.

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ONC’s Interoperability Measurement by Health IT Developers Project

The ONC’s Interoperability Measurement by Health IT Developers Project examines how developers enable their customers to exchange and use information from outside sources in order to discover measures and methods that best support interoperability and improve outcomes on a national scale.

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Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER)

TIGER provides the global health workforce with innovative informatics/eHealth tools and resources, integrating them into healthcare education, certification, practice and research through an inclusive, interdisciplinary, intergenerational approach.

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